Will there be a Murder At Yellowstone City 2? Here’s what we discover out a couple of sequel:


Murder At Yellowstone City 2

In a present murder thriller western, Isaiah Mustafa, who beforehand starred in “It: Chapter Two,” performs the operate of Cicero, a freed slave. In addition to Thomas Jane and Gabriel Byrne, Nat Wolff, and Aimee Garcia, the superb cast that entails life a spine-chilling story of greed and vengeance that takes place in Yellowstone City, Montana, inside the yr 1881 moreover accommodates Aimee Garcia.

If you can have seen this movie and thought it was entertaining, you can be fascinated by a follow-up installment. But will there be a second installment? Or do you not think about that there’s an actual need for a sequel to the film Murder at Yellowstone City?

This is what everyone knows as on the time this textual content was written.

Spoilers await!

What is Murder At Yellowstone City about?

After Cicero first arrives in Yellowstone City, the events of the film proceed to look at his journey. When a neighborhood gold prospector is found ineffective, certain members of the group immediately become suspicious of him, and their suspicions solely develop stronger as time passes.

Was it Cicero who ended the particular person’s life? The Sheriff is glad of this, and consequently places Cicero beneath arrest for the crime. But as we be taught further about what occurred, it’s turning into abundantly evident that the true killer stays to be at huge.

See the movie for further knowledge, or study our article “Ending Explained” for a synopsis of the events that occur inside the film and the way in which they culminate.

Will there be a Murder At Yellowstone City 2?

At this second, there was no official info of a sequel, and to let the fact, we don’t assume it’s doable that there shall be a sequel.

We are beneath the impression that that’s the case as a consequence of the reality that Murder at Yellowstone City appears to be an unbiased film. The indisputable fact that the case is resolved sooner than the highest credit score roll doesn’t indicate that there isn’t a such factor as a possible for a sequel; nevertheless, if there have been to be a part 2, it might don’t have something to do with the murder thriller that was on the center of the distinctive movie.

What could Murder At Yellowstone City 2 be about?

A continuation of the story is very unbelievable at this degree.

In the event that there’s, however, a part 2, it’d take into consideration Cicero and his life exterior of Yellowstone City. At the conclusion of the first film, he dismounts his horse and goes away, seemingly trying to find a model new location to find out a eternal residence. In a doable sequel, he could get into further difficulty in a novel metropolis, nevertheless the character of that drawback is one factor about which we aren’t pretty certain.

The religious couple Thaddeus Murphy (carried out by Thomas Jane) and Alice Murphy (carried out by Anna Camp), who made a pledge to Yellowstone City on the shut of the first film to hold peace to the group, usually is the main target of the sequel if it didn’t proceed Cicero’s story. Because peace is one factor that doesn’t come pretty usually inside the Wild West, as everybody is aware of from the assorted westerns that we’ve bought seen thus far, there’s a threat that there shall be one different murder inside the metropolis. It is predicted that Thaddeus and Alice will conduct an investigation into the murder and produce the perpetrator to justice.

Since there was no affirmation of a follow-up, in any case all of that’s merely conjecture on our half. Please share your concepts with us inside the comment house beneath when you could have any choices for further tales that may observe this one.

When could Murder At Yellowstone City 2 be launched?

There is a threat {{that a}} sequel may very well be produced as shortly as the subsequent yr whether or not it’s given the go-ahead to take motion; however, supplied that there doesn’t appear like any pre-production work being completed on a sequel, it’s attainable that we must always wait until 2024 or later.

However, it may very well be wise to get your expectations up because of we actually don’t assume there could also be going to be a Part 2 because of we don’t assume it’s ever going to happen.

But if we do be taught that there shall be a sequel, we’re going to make the appropriate modifications to this internet web page.

Murder at Yellowstone City Bio

Richard Gray is the director of the American Western film Murder at Yellowstone City, which was initially named Murder at Emigrant Gulch. Eric Belgau was liable for writing the film’s screenplay.


A gold prospector makes it rich in a metropolis that was as quickly as thriving by the gold rush nevertheless is now in decline, and he’s promptly killed. Because “he’s the only man who doesn’t know what I’ll do to him,” Sheriff Jim Ambrose (Gabriel Byrne) suspects that the murderer is a newcomer, a former slave who calls himself Cicero (Isaiah Mustafa). But as a result of it turns into apparent that Cicero is innocent, and since the thriller of the prospector’s dying deepens and locations your complete metropolis in jeopardy, town’s new minister, Thaddeus Murphy (Thomas Jane), and his straight-shooting partner Alice (Anna Camp), ought to stand as a lot as Sheriff Ambrose and produce the precise perpetrator to justice. They ought to do this as a approach to save town.


Cicero Portrayed Here by Isaiah Mustafa

Gabriel Byrne as Sheriff Jim Ambrose

Thomas Jane portraying the operate of Thaddeus Murphy

The operate of Edgar Blake is carried out by Richard Dreyfuss.

Jim Ambrose, Jr. is portrayed by Nat Wolff.

Alice Murphy portrayed by Anna Camp

Aimee Garcia as Isabel Santos

Zach McGowan as Robert Dunnigan

Emma Dunnigan portrayed by Scottie Thompson

Rebecca Davies portrayed by Emma Kenney

Tanaya Beatty stars as Violet Running Horse on this manufacturing.

Mickey O’Hare was carried out by John Ales.

David Harding portrayed by Lew Temple

Eugenia Martin portrayed by Lia Marie Johnson

Josephine Wright portrayed by Isabella Ruby

Marcus O’Sullivan portrayed by Danny Bohnen


The manufacturing’s principal footage began in May of 2021 inside the state of Montana. In June of 2021, by the Cannes Film Market, new casting particulars had been disclosed, and it was confirmed that filming had been completed.


It was launched in April 2022 that RLJE Films had bought the distribution rights to the film in North America. The film is scheduled to premiere in cinemas and on video on demand (VOD) platforms on June 24, 2022.


Based on the opinions of 20 clients, the movie presently has a rating of 25% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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