Who Was Naira Ashraf? Twitter Video Viral Of The Egyption Student


Naira Ashraf’s murder has shaken the parents’s minds and hearts, the place tons of of people have raised their voices in direction of the failure of the police division inside the right security of women. 

Ashraf was an innocent Egyptian scholar at Mansoura University. She wished to vary right into a worthwhile model as she had been working exhausting to pursue her career in modeling. However, a criminal-minded murderer killed her in broad daylight.  

In particular, a murderer named Mohammed had been giving her problem for a really very long time by means of social media. The murderer pressured her to marry him numerous cases. However, she was not contemplating him the least bit.

In addition, Mohammed used to stalk her regularly and tried to abuse her numerous cases. On the alternative hand, she reported to the police division in direction of him, nevertheless the police division was inactive from taking movement in direction of him regularly. 

Naira Ashraf killer Mohammed reportedly confessed his crime in police custody ( Source :
Fox3now )

Who Was Naira Ashraf? Stabbed To Death For Rejecting Proposal 

Naira Ashraf was from Al-Mahalla inside the Gharbiya Governorate, Northern Egypt. Mohammed had been repeatedly harassing her and forcing her to marry. However, she saved rejecting his proposal regularly.

In particular, the CCTV footage of the terrifying incident of her murder went viral on Twitter on the current date. She even blocked him on social media platforms, which intensified his anger.

Further, Mohammed stopped her in entrance of Mansoura University and brutally stabbed her in her neck and torso numerous cases. On the alternative hand, people tried to stop him from attacking, nevertheless Naira couldn’t survive the brutal assault.

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Who Are Naira Ashraf’s Parents? Family Details

Naira Ashraf was born to her beloved Egyptian dad and mother in Egypt as she was merely 21 years earlier on the time of her murder. In particular, her family reported the police criticism in direction of the murderer a month previously for stalking and abusing her. 

However, the police division did nothing to stop him, which prompted such a devastating incident. However, Naira’s dad and mother haven’t revealed their identification inside the public space on the current date.

Naira Ashraf murder CCTV footage went viral on Twitter ( Source :
Twitter )

Thousands of people have forwarded their love and help to Naira’s family by means of social media platforms inside the following days. Multiple organizations have come alongside to battle for the justice of Naira.

On the alternative hand, Naira’s dad and mother haven’t issued any public assertion in regards to the murder case as they’re in deep grief on the current date. We ship our heartfelt sympathy to her family and beloved one. 

Is The Naira Ashraf Killer Caught- Where Is He?

Naira Ashraf’s killer was taken down by most people shortly after the incident and detained by a police officer. The investigating crew has arrested him and launched him in custody for added investigation on the current date. 

Mohamed reportedly confessed to his crime in police custody. In addition, he killed Naira in entrance of most people as many witnesses have come to testify in direction of him. Further, he tried to flee after killing her on the road, the place people took him down until the police arrived.

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Last Modified: June 24, 2022

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