What did and talked about Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst at Woodstock ’99? Netflix Documentary Examines the Past


What did and talked about Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst at Woodstock ’99? Netflix Documentary Examines the Past

A documentary regarding the disastrous 1999 Woodstock 99 music competitors, which was totally chaotic, was launched on Netflix. Limp Bizkit, a metallic band, was held accountable.

The band and its violent music have been blamed by the media for the competitors’s mayhem, deaths, and property harm, and the lead actor, Fred Durst, was painted as a result of the villain. However, the true actuality is manner completely totally different.

Let’s uncover out further regarding the band’s singer’s suggestions that infuriated the viewers, the Netflix documentary, the mishaps and fatality all through the dwell efficiency, and the place Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit is in the interim.

Fred Durst


  • 1 What did and talked about Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst at Woodstock ’99?
  • 2 A Netflix documentary reveals how Woodstock 99 actually failed.
  • 3 Woodstock 99 Festival fatalities
  • 4 Today, the place is Fred Durst?

What did and talked about Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst at Woodstock ’99?

Because he tried to work along with the viewers and energize them all through their effectivity, Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst turned the objective of the entire animosity and blame for the failure that the Woodstock 99 competitors turned out to be.

The yr is 1999, and John Schler made the selection to recreate the Woodstock 69 music competitors thirty years later with Limp Bizkit as one in every of many bands participating in on the event.

More than 200,000 people visited the Woodstock art work and music competitors inside the Sixties to evoke the equivalent sentiment of reminiscence. For an rising band like Limp Bizkit, it was the gig of a lifetime.

However, it appeared that the viewers misinterpreted the circumstances because of there have been complaints of sexual and bodily abuse among the many many enraged competitors visitors.

The organizers of the Woodstock 99 competitors blamed Fred for the failure of the event on his remark above. However, in reality, the chaos, the place people set hearth to the venue and destroyed property, occurred the day after Limp Bizkit’s dwell efficiency.

A Netflix documentary reveals how Woodstock 99 actually failed.

Trainwreck: Woodstock 99, a Netflix documentary that explored the the explanation why the 1999 Woodstock competitors was such a whole catastrophe, remembers the failures of that event.

The documentary confirmed that when the event’s organizers opted to position financial obtain ahead of the buddies’ security and pleasure, the reincarnation of the Sixties Woodstock competitors was already doomed to disaster.

On the second day of Woodstock 99, attendees wanted to sift by the use of rubbish in a scorching, unclean environment whereas consuming and ingesting at inflated prices.

As a outcomes of the loud music, booze, and narcotics that had enraged the viewers, they’ve been overcharged, mistreated, and shortly developed a mob mentality. On the third day of the event, which was the day after Limp Bizkit’s effectivity, chaos broke out.

RHCP distributed candles to remember the Columbine college taking footage victims as an announcement in the direction of gun violence, nevertheless the gang took a novel route, and the brawl broke out.

Woodstock 99 Festival fatalities

Three people have been killed all through the disturbances at Woodstock 99, which weren’t merely confined to the stage and venue.

Along with the fatalities, there have been a variety of accidents and sexual assault cases all through the final day’s mayhem and devastation.

On the competitors’s closing day, the group erupted into an offended mob that started riots, destroyed property, and engaged in inter-personal violence, ensuing within the arrest of better than forty people.

Today, the place is Fred Durst?

After the entire commotion, Limp Bizkit’s foremost vocalist, Fred Durst, decided to take an extended break from the band in an effort to change the notion of him inside the public eye.

He then made a comeback as an actor and director, making cameos in blockbuster motion pictures like Fast Lane, Mostly 4 Millenials, and House MD.

He moreover has over 40 directing credit score, and some of the hits he labored on embody The Fanatic, The Longshots, along with fairly just a few music motion pictures and documentary pictures.

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