WATCH: ‘Offensive’ Crown Paints Hannah & Dave advert divides the online


Paint agency Crown Paints has issued a press launch after its latest advert was blasted on-line, although some viewers don’t see what the fuss is all about.

The producer, which depends in Darwen in Lancashire, England, received right here in for criticism as some people branded the advert “offensive” and “misogynistic”.

The BBC experiences the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) acquired 58 complaints and was “currently assessing” the advert to “determine whether there are grounds for an investigation”.

Crown Paints’ Hannah & Dave advert mentions illegal rave

Crown Paints launched the Hannah & Dave advert, which is part of its new ‘Life Stories’ sequence, earlier this month. The industrial follows a pair who’re anticipating a baby and painting the child’s room mustard yellow.

Using a catchy music, it explains the couple met at an illegal rave 4 years up to now and instantly turned soulmates. Hannah simply recently stumbled on she’s pregnant and the advert jokes: “Hannah’s hoping for a girl, Dave’s just hoping that it’s his.” The advert’s tagline is: “It’s not just paint, it’s personal.”

Watch the advert beneath:

‘Offensive’ advert will get backlash on Twitter

Some Twitter prospects branded the advert “offensive” and are calling for it to be taken off air. Crown Paints is receiving backlash as critics declare it prejudices women by using the highway “I hope it’s mine”.

One explicit particular person called it “misogynistic tripe”, whereas another labelled it “massively offensive”.

Another claimed the advert was “cringeworthy and out of touch”.

“I’m watching the #crownpaint ‘baby coming’ ad and I can’t be on my own thinking it’s beyond mad ‘she’s hoping for a girl, he’s hoping that it’s his’? I find this massively offensive,” comedian Jenny Eclair tweeted.

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“Ah yes, the ‘I hope it’s mine’ moment, well known as one of life’s special moments. This advert is so deeply misogynistic and misguided,” one different wrote.

A third explicit particular person tweeted: “I still can’t work out how the ‘Dave just hopes it’s his’ line was signed off.”

Others see the humorous aspect

Others have defended Crown Paints and argued the business is just meant to be humorous.

One tweeted: “Some people are so miserable angry and uptight. It’s meant to be light-hearted and funny. And… actually, it is!”

“I hope the ASA doesn’t uphold complaints about the Crown Paints advert with the couple having a baby. It’s supposed to be funny, you know, making people laugh,” wrote another.

A third explicit particular person wrote: “It’s a joke. Loving couples sometimes make jokes about such matters but it doesn’t mean they don’t trust each other.”

Paint producer apologises if lyrics ’prompted offence’

In a press launch, a spokesperson for the paint agency instructed the BBC the advert was “intended to be a humorous celebration of special life moments that prompt people to paint their homes”.

“In this case [the advert is] focusing on Hannah and Dave, a happy couple expecting a baby together,” the assertion continued.  

“Whilst the ad has been broadly well received, we appreciate that people have differing views on humour and we apologise if any of the lyrics have caused offence.”

Crown Paints has moreover defended its advert on Twitter:

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