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The ugly murder-for-hire thriller involving former hockey star Thomas Clayton was the principle goal of Dateline’s twenty fifth episode of season 25, “The House in the Woods.”

In September 2015, a 35-year-old woman named Kelley Clayton was discovered lifeless in her personal residence in Caton, New York, on the kitchen floor. It was lastly discovered that Thomas Clayton, her husband, had paid a particular particular person to kill his partner. Thomas referred to as 911 later that night time to report Kelley’s homicide.

An vital witness inside the case was Clayton’s eldest daughter.

Thomas Clayton


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Thomas Clayton’s Current Location

At the Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York, Thomas Clayton is at current incarcerated for all instances. After a chronic trial that lasted many weeks, he was found accountable of hiring one different man to kill his partner and was moreover found accountable of first and second diploma murder.

Clayton, a former hockey participant and native of Binghamton, carried out the game for 4 seasons between 1998 and 2002. In 2002, he ended his hockey career, and shortly after, he launched his private agency.

According to tales, Clayton was well-known for his involvement in taking part in and for having fairly just a few relationships exterior of marriage.

The Evening Of Kelley Clayton’s Murder

The murder of Kelley Clayton was very spectacular.

At 12:30 inside the morning, Thomas Clayton, who paid one different man to kill Kelley, referred to as 911 to report her dying. He was charged with second-degree murder as rapidly as police arrived on the scene and immediately developed suspicion for him.

Eventually, detectives discovered that it wasn’t solely a murder however as well as a plot involving Michael Beard, one different explicit individual. Beard reportedly accepted Clayton’s $10,000 promise to have Kelley killed.

When Beard later modified his story, points for the cops turned additional fascinating and troublesome. Clayton, in keeping with Beard, merely wished him to set his home on fireplace when “nobody would be there” so that he would possibly get his insurance coverage protection money.

Beard added that Kelley was lying lifeless when he entered their home the night time time of the murder. Beard stated that he fled the world after witnessing the physique, which extra subtle the case in direction of Clayton.

Furthermore, there was sufficient proof to level out that Clayton was not as innocent as he was attempting to portray himself to be. Beard and Clayton had been in frequent contact inside the weeks principal as a lot because the murder, in keeping with cellphone data produced as proof inside the prosecution.

Beard’s trial happened in November 2016, and he misplaced. He obtained a life sentence with out the chance of parole.

The Daughter Witnessed The Murder Of Her Mother

The worst experience all by the entire episode was undoubtedly suffered by Clayton’s oldest daughter. She seen Kelley be hit by a pipe and die correct in entrance of her.

She stated at one in every of many police interviews,

“An individual arrived and struck my mother with a pipe-like object. She was laying on the underside, and I assumed she was lifeless.
The 7-year-old talked about, “I thought the man hitting my mom was my dad because his eyes looked like Clayton’s.”

She stated, “I feel my dad is a coward since he asked Michael Beard to kill my mom,” in a letter to the courtroom docket.

One of an vital objects of proof in opposition to Clayton’s conviction was the daughter’s testimony.

The children don’t at current speak with their father.

Thomas Clayton’s Relationships Details

Investigators take into account that Thomas Clayton’s lack of affection for his partner might have been the driving drive for the murder. He was concerned that Kelley would inherit all of his wealth within the occasion that they purchased divorced.

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Other women who testified in direction of Clayton claimed he had intercourse with them all through his time participating in hockey. The women admitted that Thomas Clayton constantly griped about his partner being “lazy and ungrateful.”

Thomas Clayton might have used poker as an alibi the night time time of the murder

At the time of his partner’s murder, Clayton allegedly had a sport of poker going. Later, one different woman approached and revealed that spherical 90 minutes sooner than he arrived at his dwelling, Clayton had requested to utilize her phone to make a reputation.

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