Susan Rhodes was a part of the Queen’s ‘HMS Bubble’ as Lady-in-waiting


Susan Rhodes was a part of the Queen‘s ‘HMS Bubble’ as thought-about one in every of her ladies-in-waiting.

Unlike among the many most famed Queen’s Ladies-in-waiting who had been with the Majesty for a few years, Susan Rhodes took on the distinguished place fairly simply recently in 2017 along with Lady Elizabeth Leeming.

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Who is Susan Rhodes?

Susan Rhodes is the partner of Simon Rhodes, whose late mother Margaret was reportedly one in every of many Queen’s biggest mates and cousin.

Rhodes was appointed as a result of the lady-in-waiting in 2017 and since then turned a part of her inside circle on the palace.

She was reportedly one in every of many mounted companions of the Queen alongside Lady Susan Hussey, Dame Mary Morrison, Lady Elizabeth Leeming, and Dame Annabel Whitehead.

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Susan Rhodes held one of many prestigious roles on the Palace

Being a lady in prepared for the Queen is a extraordinarily prestigious place. Though the place is unpaid, it’s regarded as one of many esteemed Royal roles.

Duties as a lady-in-waiting of the Queen embrace performing as her personal assistant, working day-to-day correspondence, and accompanying her Majesty to any public event.

Some of the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting served her for a few years and obtained the Royal Household Long and Faithful Service Medals along with Lady Susan Hussey, and Dame Mary Morrison.

Susan Rhodes was a part of the Queen’s HMS Bubble

The Queen was protected all through the pandemic as solely a handful of employees was allowed in her HMS Bubble who would isolate collectively together with her Majesty. Reports counsel that Susan Rhodes was a part of the late Sovereign’s HMS Bubble.

She was moreover seen with Queen Elizabeth II standing side by side at a balcony of The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office all through the National Service of Remembrance at The Cenotaph on November 8, 2020, in London, England.

Photo by Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

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