Sonia Loja: Who is she? Mom’s Ill: Last Note Why did she murder her three kids?


Sonia Loja: Who is she? Mom’s Ill: Last Note Why did she murder her three kids?

In Danbury, Connecticut, a horrifying tragedy occurred that launched ice to the blood of all people who heard about it. People are fully shocked after they examine additional regarding the horrific tragedy, which is making its technique all through the Internet. Even regulation enforcement appeared into the matter, which led to the invention that it involved three murders and a suicide. The deceased’s particulars had been made public by the police. According to tales, a mother of three murdered her private three children sooner than committing suicide. Learn additional about Sonia Loja and the reasons she killed her private children.

Sonia Loja

According to present allegations confirmed by quite a few reliable information sources, Sonia Loja, a resident of Danbury, Connecticut, has been acknowledged as a result of the mother who ruthlessly murdered her private children. According to rumours, she strangled all of her children sooner than hanging herself to complete her life. The mother was named as Sonia Loja, and the three children had been acknowledged as Junior Panjon, who was 12 years outdated on the time of demise, Joselyn Panjon, who was 10, and Jonael Panjon, who was 5 years outdated.

According to the Danbury Police Department, when officers arrived on the house, they discovered all of them to be lifeless. The our our bodies of the deceased had been taken to the hospital almost as quickly as, and the doctor ordered an autopsy. According to the information, all three of the kids choked to demise. According to findings from the preliminary investigation, Ms. Loja suffocated her three children sooner than hanging herself. The investigative employees, nonetheless, is of the impression that the autopsy report will exonerate the rest. In addition, there have been two grownups who weren’t there on the time dwelling with the mother and the kids.

Everybody, along with the federal authorities, is looking out for the rationale for this savagery. How can a mother take the lives of her private children when she is ready to give up her private life for them? The authorities are wanting into the precept motive for the murder.

The police energy is working by way of the night time time to resolve the crime. Dead Esposito, the mayor of Danbury, expressed his sorrow in an announcement after the gorgeous act caught his consideration. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for the most recent developments until we get involved with you with further particulars.

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