Sara Al Madani defends sporting Afro wig at dancehall celebration


Sara Al Madani is making an attempt to close down cultural appropriation remarks on her latest new look on ’The Real Housewives of Dubai.’

Here is all the pieces you want to know.

Sara Al Madani defends her new fashion

Sara Al Madani is defending herself over her new look the place she wore an Afro wig to Lesa Milan’s Jamaican dancehall-themed celebration.

Al Madani is insisting that the coiffure, which was seen on Wednesday evening’s episode, is kind of widespread among the many Arab neighborhood. 

She addressed the problem with Page Six solely and shared, ‘I was worried about the look because some people might not accept it because of culture. But the thing is, the Afro exists in my culture.’

If you didn’t know, Al Madani is the only Emirati solid member within the actuality present, ’The Real Housewives of Dubai.’

Furthermore, Al Madani added, ‘There are black people in my culture, there are Emiratis that have Afros and we have people of color. So for us, in the United Arab Emirates, it is very normal. But I was worried about other people around the world looking at it in a different way.’

The actuality present star wore her wig with an extended, colorfully striped costume. She matched them with a pair of purple heels and gold jewellery. 

Sara Al Madani

Moreover, Al Madani claimed that she ‘loves all cultures and thrives’ when she crosses paths with completely different ones. 

She continued, ‘I feel like every time I travel and experience a new culture, I find a piece of my soul. So … I loved it. I just loved the look, going for that.’

The 33-year-old businesswoman then went on to say, ‘I had so much fun. I love to dance.’

Designer Mina Roe helps Sara Al Madani’s new Afro wig

Following the incident, designer Mina Roe got here to assist Sara Al Madani’s new fashion.

She stated in a confessional, ‘I’m truly actually impressed. Everybody seems insanely good.’

She added, ‘Sara, with her big Afro, and try nobody come with the cultural appropriation, OK?’

Roe then identified, ‘Jamaica’s motto is ‘out of many, one people.’ Arabs have Afros. I’m out right here in a rattling blonde wig. We are good, OK?’

Regardless, Al Madani was impressed with Roe’s form phrases as she joked that it was ‘one tiny’ piece of positivity among the many numerous feedback made in confessionals within the newest season. 

Al Madani claimed with amusing, ‘She actually said something nice about me? I’m shocked. Was it actually for me, or was it so individuals don’t decide her as a result of I’m at her celebration?’

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