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Chioma Ikokwu, a socialite and hair tycoon, has highlighted her problem with Toyin Lawani, a renowned stylist and dressmaker.

As it’s potential you’ll recall, Chioma Ikokwu was hauled by Toyin Lawani for making untrue accusations in opposition to her.

The Real Housewives of Lagos co-star and mother of 1 who insulted Laura Ikeji’s son was viciously often known as out on Twitter.

The strong members of the television program visited Laura Ikeji’s runway current, and Toyin, who was seated subsequent to Chioma, confirmed her one factor on her phone. Sadly, Chioma acknowledged Toyin in distinction her little one Tenor to Laura’s son.

Toyin Lawani accused Chioma and the current’s producers of portraying her incorrectly on her Instagram net web page.

Chioma talked about her arguments collectively together with her fellow roommates in an interview with Chude Jideonwo. She mentioned that due to her persona, she felt pretty ashamed of their arguments.

Since Chioma doesn’t have a Twitter account, she wasn’t aware of her co-stars’ shading tweets, Chioma claimed.

According to Chioma, she doesn’t want to be typically often known as anyone who appears on TV stopping, arguing, or having a sharper tongue because of it’s not the legacy she must depart behind.

She finds it objectionable that the manufacturing crew promoted a derogatory message.

She continued by saying that she and her fellow actors would possibly want achieved further inspiring and uplifting points.

She acknowledged;

“I think it’s extremely embarrassing, you know for me it’s just embarrassing because the sort of person I am, the family I come from, this is not something that I sort of engage in. The last time I was on Twitter was when I was 11 because I worked in a law firm and had desk job but after that I never really went back in Twitter because I just felt it was such a violent space to be in. So seeing all of that was sort of new to me, seeing all of the housewives going back and forth. I’m just like, all of this could be avoided. Sometimes when I look back, I’m just like, what did we really teach young girls. Everyone comes and is like you’re so inspiring and I know so much more that I could have offered to this situation to actually genuinely inspire people to get them to want to do better, be better. I don’t want to be perceived as somebody that is coming on TV fighting or engaging in arguments or whose mouth is sharper like that’s not the legacy that I want to live. Yes of course, they’ve used some of my taglines as TimTok videos. It’s cute but like I was even saying this morning that I don’t want the tagline to be insults, I want it to be positive things that you can sort of use to empower or better yourselves. And I don’t really like the fact that they pushed the negativity. I felt like even with production and I have to say this that at the end of the day. Ofcourse drama sells with reality TV but it could have been mixed a little bit more. We could have done more positive or empowering stuff”.


Reports that Chioma Ikokwu had criticized Toyin Lawani’s enterprise have been refuted.

She extra acknowledged,

“At no point did I ever insult Toyin’s business ever. If anything, I said you’re creative, you’re very talented, so many times throughout the season I’d be like you’re even too good for Nigeria, Nigeria doesn’t deserve you. I’ll hail get, I’ll encourage her, anybody can bear witness to that. There was never a time I’ll ever insult her business”.

Chioma Ikokwu moreover disclosed that Iyabo Ojo and she or he purchased proper right into a battle, nonetheless the scene was edited all through manufacturing.



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