Is Jeopardy! RIGGED? Megan Wachspress’ sixth recreation win in unusual ‘lucky’ switch has followers crying foul


Megan Wachspress gained her sixth recreation of Jeopardy! on Tuesday, June 21. People have talked about that this could be a ridiculously unusual switch, and they also suppose that Mayim Bialik’s recreation is also rigged. Wachspress is a lawyer in Berkeley, California, and after her sixth win, she has gained $60,000.

This prime-time current is now hosted by Bialik, who’s 46 years earlier. The genuine host, Ken Jennings, talked about he may be “out for months,” so Bialik took over. The eternal host shall be chosen on the end of season 38, which shall be on the end of the following month, in 2022.

Megan Wachspress' 6th game

Fans had been on a regular basis questioning regarding the low amount, nonetheless the Final Jeopardy! left them speechless. Fans suppose that the current may very well be rigged for this and another reason. The first set of questions was about geography, and Rob, who was participating in for the first time, was making a plan to win. The participant in the middle of the podium had $16.5K as compared with the returning champion’s $8.4K. This participant did correctly on Double Jeopardy and gained over many net prospects as a educating doctor who match the bill.

Only Wachspress knew that the becoming reply was “Archapelego.” She wager $201 and gained $8601, whereas her opponent, Rob, wager $7901 and misplaced by a tiny amount of $2.

Someone tweeted, “God loves each and every one of us, but MEGAN WACHSPRESS is without a doubt His favorite. #Jeopardy”

“Gotta say Megan Wachspress is one of the luckiest #Jeopardy winners ever,” talked about one other individual.

This shopper gave a fantastic motive why, saying, “Megan Wachspress may not be winning a lot of money on #Jeopardy during her run to qualify for the TOC, but it’s not by chance. She really knows how to bet in the final by figuring out how little risk she can take and figuring out what her opponents will bet. Those are poker skills.”

Someone else talked about, “Someone cursed Megan Wachspress to be a slave to this Jeopardy set many years ago. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t lose.”

This viewer couldn’t think about that Wachspress gained by merely $2 and talked about, “Right now, Megan Wachspress’s streak on Jeopardy is maybe even crazier than @KenJennings’s run, because it has been so impossible. She has won three games of Jeopardy by only $2! Two made no sense. Three is just bonkers”

“I haven’t seen such good luck on Jeopardy since the old Mr. Magoo cartoons,” talked about one other individual.

Luckiest Jeopardy! champ ever?

Megan Wachspress has been lucky on the long-running recreation current your entire time she has been on it. This grew to turn into clear on Friday, June 17, when contestant Sadie Goldberger appeared to win the game. However, a controversial alternative by the judges made her acceptable Final Jeopardy! reply invalid, and Wachspress was named the winner.

Wachspress’s good luck saved occurring Monday, June 20, when she went up in the direction of Tory Leviton throughout the Final Jeopardy! opponents. Leviton was a bit of bit ahead of the reigning champion on the time. Both contestants gave mistaken options, nonetheless Wachspress gained the episode because of Leviton wager additional of his earnings, leaving the lawyer alongside together with her head in her fingers over the unbelievable win.

She wrote on Twitter on Monday night about how embarrassed she was that she didn’t know the reply to the Final Jeopardy! question, though it was about an interval she had researched for her dissertation.

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