Is Genie Francis Leaving General Hospital? Here Is What Might Have Happened To Her


General Hospital’s 15000th episode is now airing, and this yr marks Genie Francis’ forty fifth yr on this method. As a finish end result, on-line speculations in regards to the actress leaving General Hospital are rife.

In the daytime cleansing cleaning soap sequence General Hospital, which was based mostly totally on the two characters Luke and Laura, Genie has been voicing the part of Laura. But as additional characters have been launched, Laura has been increasingly absent and has just about twice resigned.

So, let’s uncover out if the actress’s rumored departure from General Hospital is true and if this shall be her remaining look on the current.

 Genie Francis

Is General Hospital Genie Francis Leaving?

Although the teasers advocate that Genie Francis’ character, Laura, might rapidly experience a giant change, she has not however talked publicly about leaving General Hospital.

There have been rumors that Genie will go away the current on account of viewers have expressed their disappointment over Laura’s diminished perform throughout the current.

She has been portraying Laura given that Nineteen Seventies, and Francis even left this method throughout the Nineteen Eighties due to suggestions made by the current’s founders.

The General Hospital star talked about quitting this method as quickly as throughout the Nineteen Eighties on account of the current’s producers didn’t value her presence and half in it.

She returned to the current in 2021, disappointing the viewers on account of it was in all probability not centered on her character. Her departure from this method in 2021 was described as a brief lived hiatus.

Laura left the current, nonetheless she left a message that she would return, and in 2022, she did. Genie returned to General Hospital after spending some much-needed time collectively along with her family. Fans are literally realizing that this may very well be the ultimate episode collectively along with her as a gift character.

Where Might Genie Francis Go and What Has Been Happening to Her?

General Hospital’s preview for upcoming episodes instructed that Genie Francis may be up in direction of a brand-new, enigmatic foe. Laura and the others are compelled to band collectively throughout the face of a model new foe.

The emergence of a model new political foe might lastly lead to improved relationships between all people, giving the current and the 15000th episode a additional constructive flip.

Fans have theorized that the model new foe may very well be a plot system to remove Laura from the current. The actress has not, nonetheless, made any preparations to depart this method.

There is a chance that the character will maintain throughout the current if she has additional of a backstory.

In any state of affairs, Genie will lastly get her well-earned break to spend time collectively along with her family if she is fired from the current. She has not however disclosed her plans for any subsequent ventures.

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