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Atunoya Alleluya Akpobome, larger commonly known as Ali Baba, is a Nigerian humorist who lambasted Nollywood actresses, inserting the online into such commotion.

Following the kidnapping of two veteran Nollywood actors and the demand for $100,000, Ali Baba had revealed Nollywood actresses’ financial sources. They in the end paid a lower ransom, though, and had been freed.

Ali Baba blasted actresses for having jobs outside of performing in a present video that was posted on Instagram, questioning what variety of movies they should play in to have the ability to shopping for a million-dollar dwelling.

The comedian who claimed he was compelled to disclose names used the occasion of an actress he met in Dubai who was sponsored to lounge there nevertheless then appeared on-line to make it appear that she had paid for the lodge funds to assist his case.

Ali Baba wrote;

“How many movies have you done that gave you 45 million to buy a house? You that just joined the industry. The people that have been in the industry did not buy,” he talked about.

“I may be tempted to mention names but I won’t. We went to Dubai one time and while we were waiting we saw this actress and we saw a particular protocol of a person. He comes later and gives her a key and she goes upstairs. A few days later I see her posting…the ones that do business we know them, you’ll come here and be putting them on high jump,”


“Even if they pay you 5 million per movie how many movies do you do in a year? We know the ones that use their mileage and popularity to do business. But the ones we know cannot even act in an English movie it has to be ‘kilo so pe’ that kind of movie, you will now come and tell me you raised 125 million to buy a house in Lekki phase one”.

“Next issue they’re talking about of us you’ll now be inserting mouth, ‘what is wrong with this man? He can put his thing inside his pant’.


A media character, Latasha Nwugbe slammed modern comedian Ali Baba for his rant regarding some actresses with uncertain wealth.

She talked about;

”With all due respect Uncle Ali, I don’t assume you’re the person best suited to deal with this topic. I imagine it’s beneath you and smacks of sexism. There are many male actors who’re moreover doing the “wrong things” and engaged in illicit sexual train with (older) girls for pay and even completely different senior males. Your technique appears like an assault on girls after we must be focused on all genders and the pressures they put ladies and men beneath with their deceptive life-style. P.s. even these you acknowledged that do enterprise, it’s nonetheless not assured that their strategies are pure”.

Others react;


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