Diana Armstrong grew the world’s longest nails as a touching tribute


Diana Armstrong has broken the file for the world’s longest nails and her story encompasses a heartbreaking accident that changed her family.

The Guinness World Record for the longest nails has been broken by a Minneapolis girl, Guinness launched in a media launch on Tuesday, August 2nd.

We take a look into Diana’s emotional story and the best way a tragedy led to this second.

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Diana Armstrong breaks the file for longest nails

Diana Armstrong, a 63-year-old grandmother from Minneapolis, set the file for the longest nails in your full world.

Guinness acknowledged that Diana has broken the file for “the longest fingernails on a pair of hands (female) and “the longest fingernails on a pair of hands ever (female)”.

Her nails measured 42 ft, 10.4 inches prolonged (1,306.58 cm) in March 2022 after rising them for 25 years.

Her longest nail measures 138.94 cm (4 ft 6.7 in), whereas her shortest nail, her left pinky fingernail, is 109.2 cm (3 ft 7 in) prolonged.

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She grew them for a touching motive

Diana’s record-breaking consequence goes once more to a tragedy that rocked her complete family once more in 1997. Her daughter Latisha died from an bronchial bronchial asthma assault in her sleep on the age of 16.

“At the store, my baby daughter called me and told me ‘Ma, Tisha won’t wake up’. That was the worst day of my life,” Diana acknowledged.

Diana acknowledged that Latisha polished her nails a day sooner than that and added that she wasn’t ready to decrease them after her sudden and heartbreaking dying.

“I think she [Tisha] would be proud of me because she’s the last one who did my nails,” Diana outlined. “That’s who I think of when I grow my nails, is my daughter.”

Diana explains how she maintains her nails

Having the longest nails on the planet takes a whole village to care for and may end in challenges all through your every day life.

Diana acknowledged that her grandchildren help her with the maintenance which includes sharpening and submitting them for five hours. She acknowledged that her nails require as so much as 20 bottles of polish each time.

She added that she has given up on performing some points similar to driving, deciding on up points from the bottom and dealing with zippers.

“If I have to pick up money off the floor, I can pick up bills but if I drop change on the floor, that will just stay down there!” she outlined.

In the similar press launch, Guinness World Records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday acknowledged that it was an “absolute privilege” to honour Diana’s achievement, explaining:

“The story behind her file is as fascinating as it’s heartbreaking, and Diana’s dedication to honour her daughter’s legacy in her distinctive method is inspiring.

“Family means everything for Diana, and she’s lucky to have gathered around her a wonderful support network… which is what you need when each of your fingernails is longer than a ski pole.”

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