Debunked: Is Alinity truly pregnant with Mizkif’s little one?


Alinity’s very “pregnant” picture on Twitter didn’t merely catch Mizkif off guard, nevertheless followers obtained right here to contemplate that the streamer had a bun in her oven too.

Previously, Alinity had pulled an an identical prank on Mizkif when she talked about on a stream that she was pregnant and didn’t know who the daddy was.

However, enable us to tell you that the streamer isn’t pregnant in 2022.

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Alinity displays off fake little one bump

Today (June 17), Alinity despatched her followers on Twitter proper right into a tizzy by sharing a picture of herself sporting a full-grown little one bump.

She captioned it: “Yo @REALMizkif I think the baby is coming soon! You better be ready to be a daddy.”

The publish attracted immense consideration as completely different notable streamers and internet personalities shared their response to the fake being pregnant data.

Susu tweeted: “Can I have the placenta?,” whereas OTK shared an animated picture of Alinity and Mizkif’s imaginary child.

Mizkif, who was shocked by the knowledge, merely tweeted a row of question marks in response to Alinity’s publish.

In the following tweet, he shared a “Gone Fishing” sign as a joke to Alinity calling him her child’s father.

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No, the streamer isn’t pregnant

Alinity isn’t truly pregnant as she has beforehand admitted to trolling Mizkif with the an identical joke.

During a stream from May 2022, Alinity suggested Mizkif over a reputation that she was pregnant solely to get him to react.

Just when followers practically believed her and Mizkif requested her to swear that she wasn’t joking, Alinity replied, “I’m just trolling.”

Furthermore, not one of many streamer’s latest Instagram pictures displays any indicators of being pregnant versus the new child bump she shared within the current day.

Just two weeks prior to now, Alinity posted a photo subsequent to a pot and there was no sign of being pregnant in that picture. There’s no means she may’ve gone from that to having a very grown little one bump in merely just a few weeks’ time.

So, it’s obvious that she was merely pulling Mizkf’s leg as quickly as as soon as extra.

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Mizkif beforehand dated Maya

While Alinity and Mizkif haven’t acknowledged each other as one thing higher than buddies, the latter was in a relationship with Maya.

Mizkif and Maya had been most likely essentially the most adored {{couples}} on the internet, and their relationship had impressed 1000’s and 1000’s of followers. They seemed to be going strong and plenty of even anticipated a wedding eventually eventually.

But, in a phrase shared on TwitLonger on September 15, Mizkif revealed that he and Maya had decided to interrupt up as they wished to focus on their specific particular person lives.

He shared: “We want you guys to know that Maya and I have decided to break up. We both want to be very clear that there was no event, no cheating, no drama that led to this decision. We mutually decided that this is what’s best for both of us in our current lives.”

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