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Environmental educated and head of the Climate Change Education and Action Program, Eluchukwu Ezenekwe, talked about Anambra State stays most likely probably the most affected by native climate change in Africa.

Ezenekwe moreover talked about that Anambra has suffered the worst harm from the outcomes of native climate change in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

The environmental educated, who’s taken into consideration a primary educated on native climate change in Africa, acknowledged on Thursday all through a briefing session on the Government House in Oka, the capital of Anambra State.

The program was supported by the safety of peace and sustainable development and aimed to stimulate native climate movement by educating stakeholders and actors at group, native, state, nationwide and worldwide ranges.

He known as for the urgent should declare an area climate emergency, saying Anambra State is affected by flooding and may also be the seat of road erosion in Africa.

He talked about: “Climate change affects us in Africa through a variety of extreme weather and climate events, including droughts, floods, and road erosion.” Drought and desertification are the least dangerous and finest to deal with.

Floods are additional dangerous, nonetheless typically restore properties and property when water recedes.

But the collapse of the gorge All the harm was thorough. Classrooms, properly being services, properties, crops, agricultural land, roads, electrical infrastructure, livelihoods, and all of the items in between fell into a extremely deep abyss from which there was no methodology out.


“Anambra State suffers from floods and is also the headquarters of ravine erosion in Africa, so there is a need to prioritize or even declare an outright climate change emergency in the state.”

He urged the state authorities to take the required steps to start out out producing revenue from carbon credit score and emission shopping for and promoting options represented by the large-scale tree planting program and mass evacuation and recycling of waste by the current administration.

Director-General of the Revenue Department Responding to Ernest Ezeajughi, Anambra Governor, native climate educated and NGO, he hailed the noble strategy of informing the federal authorities regarding the inherent challenges and options that could be explored.

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