After the frontman for The Chainsmokers tried to KISS Andrew Taggart, rapper T.I. allegedly punched Taggart throughout the face.


After the frontman for The Chainsmokers tried to KISS Andrew Taggart, rapper T.I. allegedly punched Taggart throughout the face.

NEW YORK CITY: Rapper T.I. allegedly struck The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart throughout the face at a celebration as a result of the Sick Boy singer tried to kiss him on the cheek. Taggart had no idea the Atlanta rapper would ship him “Something Just Like This.”

On Tuesday, August 16, Taggart, 32, made a declare in a video titled “When meeting TI goes wrong” that was uploaded to the group’s TikTok net web page. “T.I. just literally punched me in the face,” he acknowledged. Even though the EDM producer chuckles as he describes what transpired throughout the video in a car, the encounter with the Atlanta rapper actually turned out to be alarming.

Andrew Taggart

In the footage, singer Taggart is seen discussing the incident collectively along with his buddies whereas seated in a car. He remarked, “We’re in a vibe and I, like, gave him a kiss on the cheek, it was totally my fault,” whereas groupmate Alex Pall, 37, chuckled throughout the background. And then he shoved me off after saying, “Don’t do that,” to which I replied, “OK.” “Alright, my bad,” I acknowledged.

“He punched me in the face, and I said, ‘OK, I’m sorry,’ and he said, ‘Alright, cool, we’re good,’” the speaker added. The interaction was the strangest one ever.

Later, the singer of “Take Away” acknowledged his involvement throughout the embarrassing state of affairs, saying, “TI is entirely in the right here.” I kissed TI on the cheek since I was feeling the vibrations rather a lot too strongly, and he struck me throughout the face due to this. Everything is okay.

While some supporters sided with Taggart, others thought that making the switch with out asking permission was improper. “Ur just comfortable with your sexuality, nothing wrong with a kiss on the cheek,” one fan remarked. One further acknowledged, “BOUNDARIES!!! You know better, my kid, you can’t be kissing folks without their permission! Lol.”

T.I. and TIP’s supervisor, Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., addressed the claimed incident on Instagram and invited the group to look on his podcast, “Expeditiously.” “Let’s sit down & chop it up on @expeditiouslyti,” T.I. wrote in his put up.

I’ve nothing horrible to say, we merely wanted to bear some stuff, you already know what I suggest?, the 41-year-old Atlanta rapper acknowledged throughout the video. We arrived in a rather a lot higher location. I solely have constructive points to say about them. I acquired’t go into good depth, nonetheless dude, I f—-ing luv The Chainsmokers. “I think afterward is the most essential thing to take away,” he concluded. We drank, we took a shot, after which we continued. The Chainsmokers are good, nonetheless I don’t drink sweets.

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